is the brainchild of "Tennessee" John Stewart. provides everything from equipment to animals, training to events.


"Tenneessee" grew up helping his grandfathers farm in the hills of East Tennessee in a small place called Sunbright. Granddad used draft horses and Big Dad used mules; he has been working with mules for nearly 60 years.

We have an extensive network of local contacts all around the country. We have been selling equipment and stock for over 15 years. If we don't have it we know someone who does and can order it for you, and have it delivered. has helped event coordinators throughout the country to integrate wagon trains, horse rides, rodeos, and cowboy poetry gatherings. has also planned and executed wagon trains for the State of California's 150th celebration of the gold rush. This wagon train started at the Missouri River in Atchison, KS and followed several of the trails used by miners rushing to the gold fields and ended in Sacramento, CA. This event lasted 5 months and the wagon train visited over 20,000 school children with living history programs along the way.

Tennessee John Stewart

"Tennessee" John Stewart–muleskinnerJohn Stewart grew up in a small town in East Tennessee called Sunbright. Growing up he helped work on both grandparents' farms. He learned to drive mules and horses while he was still young and farmed with them. 

He got the moniker, "Tennessee" while on the Mormon Trail Re-enactment in 1997. There were a few teamsters named John, so the state they were from was tacked on. "Tennessee" stuck and he goes by that today.

"Tennessee" has put together wagon trains for California's 150th celebration, Ohio's Bicentennial, as well as numerous other smaller events. 

He is married, has 5 children and 9 grandchildren with whom he enjoys wagon rides, teaching riding, and driving a mule or horse team.